Career Spotlight: Liz Bailey - Cox Automotive Canada

Career Spotlight

Career Spotlight: Liz Bailey

“I do anything and everything that’s required to make sure the team has what they need to succeed.”

Liz Bailey

As part of a monthly series that profiles a wide variety of jobs at Cox Automotive Canada, we sat down with Liz Bailey, Director of Strategic Implementation, Cox Automotive Canada & International.

What inspired you to apply for your job at Cox Automotive Canada (CAC)? 

I was lucky enough to be asked to come to work in Canada on a six-month secondment to help the newly formed MCOE (Manheim Canada Operating Engine) team. I’ve contributed to nurturing the group towards becoming a successful project team that is structured and has the governance required with such a demanding project.

To what degree do you feel you have been given opportunities to learn and grow at CAC?

Cox Automotive definitely gives individuals plenty of opportunities to learn and grow – you just need to grasp hold of them! I started working for the company in April of 1994 in the United Kingdom; at the time it was known as Central Motor Auctions. I was a housewife at home and felt I needed a little something just for me, so I applied to be a telemarketing executive, calling the dealers to see if they were going to attend the auction the following day. I was supposed to work there for a day, but they were so impressed with the number of calls I made they asked me to stay for a week. That week turned into the past 24 years!

How does your work impact CAC customers/clients?

The MCOE project will make everything we do – and everything our customers do – better, smarter, and faster. It will also make things easier. Having systems in place that eradicate the need for so much paper and printing will mean we’re working together to ensure we look after the environment, something that has become increasingly important.

What accomplishments are you most proud of to date?

Looking back on how the MCOE project team has grown – and how individuals’ strengths are now shining through more than ever, and how everyone looks out for one another – is extremely satisfying for me. Contributing to the simple things – like how the team debates or discusses ideas before arriving at the right decision for the entire group – has been very rewarding. I am proud to have been a mentor and a leader for some incredible team members who have great careers ahead of them here at Cox Automotive.

What advice would you give a new CAC team member?

I started working for the company as a telemarketer. Today, I have fantastic opportunities to travel to various international markets to help implement essential products and projects. It has been the most incredible journey. Work hard, have fun, and don’t forget to smile and grasp those opportunities that will come your way!