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Career Spotlight: Shesime Onuwaje

“I love being able to influence my teams through coaching, mentoring and bonding exercises.”

As part of a monthly series that profiles a wide variety of jobs at Cox Automotive Canada, we sat down with Shesime Onuwaje, Scrum Master, Manheim Canada.

Before joining the team, what aspect of working at Cox Automotive Canada (CAC) most appealed to you?

The perceived work culture! I had read reviews where both past and current employees raved about the positive work culture/environment. Interestingly, all the people on my interview panel had been with Cox Automotive for a minimum 10 years and that spoke volumes to me. Now that I am a part of the Cox Automotive family, I can say without a doubt that our environment is positive, energizing, embracing of new ideas and definitely has a low employee turnover!

At a very high level, can you describe the role you play at CAC?

My role as a Scrum Master is to coach teams on agile values and principles and ensure they follow the processes and practices that the team agreed they would use while delivering quality products on time.

What do you like most about your job?

I love being able to influence my teams through coaching, mentoring and bonding exercises. I am also glad when my teams demo new features to the business at the end of every iteration. 

How does your work benefit CAC clients/customers?

As a Scrum Master I lead teams to deliver robust software that does what it says it will do. With this software, our clients (dealers and OEMs) are able to effectively buy, sell and deliver cars on a daily basis. 

Since joining CAC, have you had opportunities to expand your skill set and grow your career through any training, experiences or new roles?

Absolutely! We have a strong, collaborative and high performing agile community here at Cox and, as such, it provides several avenues where we share ideas and learn from each other. Also, since joining Cox Automotive, I have become SAFe certified! 

Do you feel that CAC provides you with opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and support your community outside of specific work tasks?

Yes. We have a collegial and collaborative environment which, in turn, provides multiple opportunities to support colleagues on multiple projects and work cross-functionally within the community (ie. Women with Drive, Black Employees Network).

In 1-3 words, how would you describe working at CAC?

Professional, Rewarding and Collaborative.