» Welcome to Cox Automotive Canada’s all-new website

Welcome to Cox Automotive Canada’s all-new website

Cox Automotive Canada entered the market in May 2015 to redefine the way Canadians buy, sell and own cars with industry-leading digital marketing, software, financial, wholesale and e-commerce solutions. These products and solutions have successfully assisted clients including consumers, dealers, financial lenders and OEM’s maximise their potential in the automotive ecosystem worldwide. One result is our all-new coxautoinc.ca website redesigned for today’s Canadian automotive remarketing industry.


Redesigned for the automotive remarketing digital revolution

Relaunched this Spring, the coxautoinc.ca website is an information portal that showcases Cox Automotive and our Canadian operations. The website reflects our goals in leading the automotive remarketing industry’s digital revolution. Knowing our clients spend more time online than ever before, our website has been redesigned from a “mobile-friendly” perspective; delivering a seamless experience—whether you are on your desktop computer or mobile device.

The result is an engaging, attractive, and easy way to explore our Cox Automotive Canada peoplebrands and solutionsCox Cares corporate social responsibilities programs and Press Room and Blog that allows us to publish Canadian-exclusive content along with International news.

In addition to these advancements in functionality, coxautoinc.ca highlights our new social media presence on LinkedIn and aligns our Canadian online experience with our Cox Automotive International partners and the over 25 global brands from around the world.

We’re excited about our new website experience, and how it will better serve the media, existing and prospective clients, and build our brands in Canada. The automotive remarketing industry is evolving towards an integrated online experience, and along with our enhancements, our new website will also provide key information that can benefit our clients’ business.

Jack Sulymka is the Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Cox Automotive Canada.

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