Distracted and Impaired Driving - Cox Automotive Canada

Distracted and impaired driving is the leading cause of accidents and road deaths in Canada.* It is a persistent problem, that is 100% preventable. Let’s save lives together with one less “like”, one less roll, and one less drink.

If you’re High, don’t drive.

It’s too easy to pretend that drugs and alcohol are different when it comes to driving. In fact, drugs are a factor in more vehicle deaths in Canada than alcohol.**

Don’t drive Impaired.

With over 70,000 reported incidents* and 1,400 deaths each year** on Canadian roads, impaired driving continues to be a major problem.

No more lives for likes.

Texting and driving has become the leading cause of death on Canadian roads. You are 23 times more likely to crash when a phone is in use.*** Put down the phone, 1 second is all it takes to end a life.

* Source: Statistics Canada
** Source: MADD Canada
*** Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada