» Manheim Montreal Driving Green Results

Manheim Montreal Driving Green Results

Manheim Montreal recently completed an LED lighting project that will offset 269 tons of carbon per year. In early January 2018, the company replaced its outdoor lighting with LED lights, which required the team to switch out 218 bulbs in multiple fixtures. In order to significantly reduce Manheim Montreal’s carbon footprint, 1000 watt bulbs were exchanged for 300 watt bulbs.

Michel Lessard, Operations Manager, Manheim Montreal, initiated the change on behalf of the company, recognizing that estimates suggest almost half the world’s carbon footprint is due to electricity, and 17% is due to lighting alone.

“I decided to take on this project after reading the Cox Conserves ‘green emails’ that our team has received over the years. We have a lot of lights on our  land (here in Montreal), and 1000 watt bulbs – each – is a lot of power! I saw an opportunity for energy savings, and I know how much environmental responsibility matters to the company.”

In addition to reducing carbon – an amount that is equivalent to over 962,579 kilometres driven by an average passenger vehicle – the lighting retrofits will require considerably less maintenance. Liliane Dubois, General Manager of Manheim Montreal, spoke about the many benefits the team will see as a result of Lessard’s recent green initiative.

“We are thrilled to have all of our outdoor lighting upgraded to LED bulbs,” said Dubois. “The fact that Michel saw an opportunity to create change for the better – and took action to help the environment – is something I am very proud of. Not only has the overall quality of light improved here on our Manheim Montreal property, but this change will have a very positive impact on the environment.”

In 2007, Cox Automotive launched a sustainability program called Cox Conserves. Over the past decade the company has made meaningful progress in its journey towards becoming a more sustainable organization. Driving positive environmental change — inside the company and within the communities it serves — is paramount to the organization.

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