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Black Employee Network (BEN)

The Black Employee Network

The Black Employee Network (BEN) is a Cox Automotive Canada employee resource group (ERG) for any team member interested in better understanding and combatting anti-Black and systemic racism. Through its three pillars of Education, Celebration and Inspiration, BEN provides a safe and positive environment to discuss ideas and thoughts around inclusion and equality and plays an active role in creating a better and more inclusive workplace and society for future generations.

BEN’s goal is to continue supporting inclusivity within our organization and communities and to contribute to the success of the organization through the benefits that diversity provides.

About Us

BEN was formed by passionate team members raising their hands to take on anti-black and systemic racism in a professional setting. Today, BEN consists of team members from all races working together to drive positive change. BEN, along with Cox Automotive Canada’s other employee resource groups, such as Women With Drive, are fully supported by leadership and are part of a broader inclusivity effort that the organization hopes will further encourage other team members to champion causes that are important to them.


                                                                                                      “As part of our learning, we are engaging our team members and are proud to support the Black Employee Network in their efforts to combat systemic racism through education, celebration and inspiration. I am confident that BEN will generate intuitive ideas and initiatives that will continue to have a real and lasting positive impact on the opportunities for Black people within Cox Automotive Canada, the industry and our community.”Maria Soklis, President, Cox Automotive Canada & Brazil

How are we tackling anti-Black and systemic racism?

Cox Automotive Canada is committed to combatting anti-Black and systemic racism within our organization and in the communities we operate in. Internally, we are engaging members of our Black Employee Network ERG to help us better educate team members on racial subject matter, affect hiring practices and have difficult and meaningful conversations about race in the workplace. Externally, our initiatives include growing our network of community partners, supporting Black entrepreneurs and establishing Black focused scholarships, just to name a few. Below are some of the ways we are tackling this important matter.

Real About Race Video Series

The “Real About Race” video series provides an opportunity for BEN team members to sit down with the organization’s senior leaders to have honest and difficult, but professional and meaningful conversations about racism.

Community Partners

Scholarship Programs

For more information about the Cox Automotive Canada Black Employee Network, please contact BENCanada@coxautoinc.com